CAT control of the Kenwood TS-570S

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CAT control of the Kenwood TS-570S

I have been trying to realize CAT control of my TS-570S via WSPR version 2.12_r3617, but without any luck. Very discouraging. I know that I have the parameters set correctly, because I am able to demonstrate CAT control via WINMOR, WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS.

The system window displays the error message "set_freg: error = Invalid parameter".

Here are the station parameters:
CAT port: COM3
Rig number: 216 Kenwood TS-570S
Serial rate: 9600
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Handshake: none
Note that I get the same error message regardless of how I set the handshake parameter.

Any ideas?

Chris G.