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I am still mystified why folk use 40dbw on WSPR ?I dont pretend to be doyenne of radio understanding and regard myself as a learner regardless of being lic. for over 30years . I am sure this is a whoary old chestnut that comes up time and time again but please could a QRO op explain the rationale of using 100w WSPR on 30m . Looking at the guy,s spots he is achieving very little more spot wise than what I achieve with 1 watt or 30dbw on 30m , my antenna is not the best for the mode a T2FD . There are quite a few stations in Europe who are very keen on 40dbw . Never used more than 5w ,37dbw myself and amazed by the results . QRO on JT65-HF is becoming so crowded and full of mighty pwer stations now condx are so good on 15,12& 10 . I am looking foreward to lower conditions and hopefully the qro stations will get back to phone or CW and leaver those of us who get a lot more pleasure from QRP .

I am not a unofficial RA police officer just keen to learn from something which may be the obvious . I learn from WSPR if I get no spots on a band or bands either the antenna is down or radio blackout or I am transmitting into my dummy load .As a mainly dig op the fascination is using modes which are to human ears sub or in audible and WSPR , JT65 , OLivia PSK all do this . Common sense to me and my lic conditions state use the minimal amount of power possible , like there is no need to use 40dbw on 2m to access the local repeater 3 miles down the road on a hill 100m high ? 27dbw from my HH works a treat .
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