CB Activity on 28.125

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CB Activity on 28.125

Hi all,
10 Meters is definitely open.. hi hi

I have been hearing a few USB voice transmissions on 28.125 all afternoon here in Arizona.
Doesn't appear to be hurting WSPR captures too bad.

I am trying out WSPR (monitoring only for now). I am very impressed with all the activity on the 10 Meters.
I have been active on PropNET (PSK31 formatted packets) for 10 years and am looking to find a new and better alternative for doing future propagation studies. I retired and moved to the Prescott Arizona area 5 months ago from DFW Texas.

As soon as I get a rotor issue fixed, I hope to be more active on 10 Meters and also will dabble on 2 Meters and 6 Meters from time to time.

If you are interested, check my posts on the PropNET Studies Blog and for WSPR, my personal blog:
PropNET Studies
KA5DWI-Propagation Studies

I have been writing simple and some rather involved studies on "F2" and especially "Es" propagation for a number of years.

So far I am very impressive with what I am hearing and could find this useful in future workings.

Art Jackson KA5DWI/7 DM34un