ic-7200 will not transmit

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ic-7200 will not transmit

I have been working with WSPR 2.12 for about a week. Software will talk to radio via USB/CAT connection and I receive WSPR beacon transmissions and software uploads spots but have yet to be able to transmit. No indications of power output on radio.

Can anyone share with me the critical radio and WSPR configuration inputs needed to transmit using CAT connection between WSPR 2.12 software and IC-7200 transceiver?

Radio functions correctly (transmits with PTT microphone) but not when using WSPR remote software. I get a yellow transmitting block on lower right bottom of WSPR display and TX on radio display. No indication on "PO" scale of radio display and nothing on WSPRnet Database or map. Adjusting the USB level on radio does not help. I do see on WSPRnet database and map that I am hearing others signals. I can change bands using WSPR software indicating WSPR software is talking to radio. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.