New WSPR for Linux Software released V2.6 (Mar 14, 2015)

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New WSPR for Linux Software released V2.6 (Mar 14, 2015)

A new Version V2.6 is available for download.

* lot of bug fixes (new WSPR timing function)
* delays spot uploading by a random number of seconds (1-30) to reduce the load of (as suggested by G8LCO in another thread).
* support for time signal transmitters (WWV, DCF77 and others)

(if hamlib remote control is used) the time signal menu sets the receiver to the frequency of a time signal and automatically adds the required offset to shift the time signal carrier to the 1500 Hz line of the WSPR waterfall. This is a nice tool for transceiver frequency calibration.
In Europe the Russian RWM has the best signal. Every 30 minutes it modulates the carrier with 10Hz. This results in lines every 10 Hz which makes calibration even easier.

The software has a command interface to the U02-DDS Synthesizer. If you build your own synthesizer and want to make it compatible with wsprlinux then write me an e-mail to get the command codes.

Now I have implemented all features from my wish list. The next job will be to program an interface to SDR transceivers. Currently I have no idea how this works. If you want to give me some hints or instructions your help is very welcome.

A new Version V2.4 is available for download.

* totally new GUI fpr pre-tuning. Now it can be selected separately for each band (the gray buttons)
* download of the spots only after pressing the button in the history window (the previous automatic download overloaded some small ARM boards).
* frequency switching or pretuning only if the band has changed (as requested by HS0ZKM)
* bug fix: PTT problem when using PTT mode rts/dtr (thanks DG6RCH for report)

A new Version V2.2 is available for download.

* correctionsin WSPR transmitter (thanks LA3JJ for bug report)
* Timer for band hopping:

The timer has three times per day (hours) like an alarm clock.
You can enter a list of bands (RX and TX separately) for each of these hours.
When the time is reached the list of bands is set as active bands.


Switch hour: 8
RX: 20,15,10
TX: 20,17

At 08:00 in the morning the RX bands 20,15 and 10m will be activated and
the TX bands 20 and 17m. The band hopping function will use these bands.

You can set up to three different timers, so it can be automatically switched to
the low bands during the night and to higher bands during daytime.

That only makes sense if the transmitter remote control is working, of course.

A new Version V2.1 is available for download.

* transceiver remote control via HAMLIB
* band hopping
* band selection with mouse buttons

the hamlib remote command can be adapted to your transceiver in the Setup window. There is also an option to use PTT control via RTS/DTR or via hamlib command.

Band selection and band hopping is done with a completely new user interface:

You see all WSPR bands for RX (green) and TX (red) as a picture.

Right mouse button click: selects or deselects a band. You can select from none to all bands, separately for RX and TX. The bands will be automatically used one after each other, separately for RX and TX.

Left mouse button click: selects a band for the next WSPR interval. The selected (RX or TX) band will be shown in yellow color. This band is used for the next interval, independently of the other selected bands.

The documentation was updated with the new features:

PLEASE be sure that the remote control works before using multiple bands, to avoid wrong spots.


after months of work and thanks to K9ANs wspr decoder we are now ready with the
first complete version of WSPR for Linux.

Three versions are avialable: PC 32 and 64 bit, and an ARM version for singleboard computers (we do not plan any MS-windows support).
It is a complete WSPR RX and TX software including data base driven presentation of the spot data in text and graphical form:

* waterfall with many individual settings
* list of received stations
* synchronized with, updates new spots every two minutes
* database driven (SQlite) storage of the spots of two different stations
* presentation of the spots of two stations with direct comparison of the station performance
* graphical display on maps
* database includes ALL your WSPR spot from ever (since March 2008)
* RX and TX operation with a usual transceiver via the sound card
* multitasking software uses multi core processors (for ARM boards a dual core ARM CPU is highly recommended like a Banana PI, don't even try it on a RaspberryPI)
* store data locally to save bandwidth of

The download and installation instructions can be found here:

We have tested it in these setups:

PC running Ubuntu 32 bit
PC running Ubuntu 64 bit
PC running OpenSuse 32 bit
PC running OpenSuse 64 bit
Banana PI running Lubuntu
Banana PRO running Lubuntu
Odroid U3 running Lubuntu
Odroid XU3 running Lubuntu

I am sure there will still be some bugs, but we will do our best to fix them.

see u in WSPR,
WSPR group in the U02 club, South Germany
(Beta Testers: DH5RAE, DG6RCH)