wspr-x spot upload problem with single <...> call

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wspr-x spot upload problem with single <...> call

I've noticed that spots stop uploading automatically sometimes and I have to restart wspr-x to get it going again. I'm using win xp sp3 with the M0NKA's windows version of K9AN's decoder.

2 different times the uploads stopped for me after decoding a single call with the format like:

<...> QF56LH 37


<...> EJ89AU 37

In each instance, wspr-x said it was uploading spots and the message went away after awhile, but after that no more spots were uploaded.

If I decoded a <...> callsign along with another valid decode such as:

KC9NBV EM69 30
<...> EJ89AU 37

then the upload worked OK and continued to work OK. It was just when the only decode was a <...> callsign that spots stopped uploading automatically.

Is there a fix for this or a newer version of wspr-x that I should be using?