Access to wsprnet failed

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Access to wsprnet failed
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Because the pc-radio system I have is not in the same location in my home where the main pc and cable modem is, I have to access wsprnet over the home wi-fi from my radio room.

I always have a good signal via wi-fi between the pc/radio system running wspr 4.0 and the home wi-fi modem. Even so, I am getting a "hand-full" of error messages every night in the "dos box" that runs along with the wspr display program.

The message is:

(Current time): Attempted access to wsprnet failed.

This line appears everytime there is a decode that fails to register to the wsprnet site. This results in lost "spots" that the software has decoded that will not be uploaded to wsprnet. Sometimes this problem will result in maybe a dozen or more error lines in the dos box from early evening to the following morning.

It's irritating to lose spots that don't get uploaded.

Anyone else access wsprnet like this? If so, have you seen this problem? Is the problem totally on "my end", or does wsprnet occasionally "drop the ball" and not accept my upload?

Any pc/network guys out there that can help out with this problem?