Comparing Two Antennas using WSPR

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Comparing Two Antennas using WSPR

I'm looking to compare two antennas using WSPR. What I've done is switched between two antennas, a G5RV Tru Talk 102' dipole and a TransWorld Antenna, both running at 5W from my Yaesu FT-897D and LDG AT-897Plus autotuner. I ran consequtive blocks of 20min consisting of 8 Rx & 2 Tx segments.

Results (attached) show 10 Rx events (stations heard by me) on each antenna (7 unique on each with 3 duplicate) but 20 Tx events (stations that heard me)on the G5RV and 8 Tx on the TWAntenna.

While a n=1 replicate study,would this method be reliable to assess relative Rx/Tx on these antennas, assuming I repeat several times, on several bands?