New Release: WSPR 1.12

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New Release: WSPR 1.12

A problem was discovered in WSPR v1.11. I believe it has been corrected in v1.12 (r1177). Here is a corrected version of the release announcement:

Version 1.12 of WSPR is now available.

To download the installation package for Windows, go to the WSJT Home Page, .
Click on WSPR, then click on WSPR_1.12.

This is a minor maintenance release. It gives WSPR several new features
requested by users:

1. Live readout of Rx noise level in status bar.
2. Annoying popup messages when editing frequency settings
have been fixed.
3. Frequency settings for band "Other" are now saved and
restored on program restart.
4. Basic operating instructions in Help screen are updated.

Users of WSPR under Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and other unix-like
operating systems may download and compile the source code for r1169 to
generate WSPR 1.11.

As always, please send me your comments and suggestions.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT