Using WSPR with a MicroHam MicroKeyer

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Using WSPR with a MicroHam MicroKeyer
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My IC 7700 is controlled through a MicroHam MicroKeyer that sets the audio input/output device. I have two sound cards, one dedicated to amateur radio. When trying to use WSPR, I can't get the WSPR setup to retain the correct audio input card setting.

I change the RX audio input device to the correct number (e.g., 3, the Turtle Beach sound card) and after I close the option window and recheck it, it has reverted to the original setting (e.g., 1, which is the microphone on my web cam).

Has anyone set up WSPR who uses the MicroHam MicroKeyer and gotten it to work? I've never experienced this issue with any other programs. Attached are three images:

1) WSPR settings
2) MicroHam settings
3) WSPR 1.12 Window, reflecting -30dB RX noise and two band recording segments