Reflector Wire under Horziontal Half Wave Dipole

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Reflector Wire under Horziontal Half Wave Dipole

New Ham (< 1yr) here, and new to WSPR, so please forgive if I'm beating a dead horse.

I got involved with WSPR primarily as a method to conduct antenna testing. So far I've conducted about a dozen head-to-head tests with my 17-meter dipole with and without a reflector wire.

My antenna is a home brew center fed half wave flat top dipole placed at one half wave above dirt. The reflector wire is cut 5% longer than the antenna and placed one-quarter wave directly under it.

The test protocol is to transmit a WSPR signal with the reflector in place, then remove the reflector, then transmit again, then remove it, etc..

So far the reflector wire configuration is the hands-down winner. Every time save one the reflector wire has returned more spots than without the reflector. On that occasion the signal reports were higher with the reflector and the longest range was achieved with the reflector. On all other occasions the reflector configuration returned more spots with generally higher signal reports.

I'd be interested to hear comments from others who may have tried this.