Debian/Ubuntu Package for --> WSPR Mode in WSJT-X

Hello All,

Following Joe's ( K1JT ) post about WSPR Mode in WSJT-X (, I've made available the packages (in PPA form) to install WSJT-X ( includes the new WSPR and C++ decoder ) and kvasd-installer to install the KVASD Binary used by WSJT-X.

These PPA's also include experimental support for ARMv7 devices ( RPI-2 and the like ), supporting both Debian Jessie and Ubuntu-Mate for Raspberry Pi ( and first level derivatives. Please note, only minimal testing has be conducted on the ARMv7 builds, so feedback on the various devices would be appreciated. Instructions below will detail how to enable Launchpad PPA's for Ubuntu and Debian, as they differ slightly.

These packages are subject to frequent update, so make sure you do an update / upgrade through your package manager 'before' posting an issue as it may already be resolved.

Install Instructions have been moved to:

Greg, KI7MT