problems with receving

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problems with receving

Hi All, a bit of newbie to WSPR so apologies if this has been asked before. I can transmit ok and get reports from EU and US but i'm not getting much received signals. Only the odd one or two in the window. I'm using 1.12 and have the RX level at round 0 to 5 db so it is not "red". I'm using an ICOM 735 hooked up to a Dell D610 with the standard on board SigmaTel C major audio soundcard. I've downloaded various third party meters and have the microphone setting so that it is in green.

I can hear data noise signals via the radio speaker.

I am on 10.1387 dial setting

Any thoughts, suggestions

Great software though and this WS stuff is great fun and miles more exciting that QRO!!