GJ6HSM 4mtr WSPR from Jersey 27 July-2 August

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GJ6HSM 4mtr WSPR from Jersey 27 July-2 August

I am working in the Channel Islands from the 27th July-2nd August and hope to operate a 4mtr WSPR beacon from the TV transmitter station at Fremont Point at the north of Jersey for some of the time. Sadly I probably will not be able to operate a Rx setup as I have no internet access at the site (corporate internet not available for security reasons)and having asked around, any 3/4G access is very expensive if I buy a dongle from the UK. Maybe I can get into St Helier during the day to buy a Jersey telecom version, its not far ,but the traffic and parking!
I have not yet sorted out the Tx/Rx switching on my beacon anyway ,a modded QRP labs Ultimate 3 + OCXO & GPS with 70Mhz SAW filtering and 5w PA. Time is running out and I have limited baggage allowance and carrying capacity. I will just have to go with whats available/convenient.

I will also be taking a homebrew 4mtr SSB rig with me and may be able to set up a rx station (probably overnight/when not on site when the beacon is muted) and report any stations received later.

So don't get confused if you see GJ/G6HSM in two places at once. If I do operate a Rx setup with internet reporting it will be G6HSM but flagged on Jersey just to confuse you all.