The K9AN-decoders increasing use

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The K9AN-decoders increasing use

The K9AN-decoder from Steve Franke, K9AN, is a very excellent piece of software; I personally use it for a headless decode with a raspberry Pi (model A) and a FiFiSDR as RX -- I prefer this K9AN-decoder because of the needed very low resources. With a little bash scripts and cron, I got a headless RX and TX-Stn (RPi as TX) for vacancy and home use.

But the K9AN-Decoder reports no decoder id to the wspr-database in this field (#14) by itself --

I like to suggest to Steve to set up an idea how to make a label and to report this depending on the git-release of the K9AN-Decoder; this could be done outside the K9AN-Decoder program with the upload-script. But the algorithm for this label should be recommended by the programs author himself. -- It might be up to Steve to make a suggestion!

To argue a bit more, I will give you a short table of decoder use during the last year.

The noID-decoder is widely used. When I assume that noID is the K9AN-Decoder, we can obtain the following increasing use!

Month__ | Mspot/m__| noID(K9AN?)__|pos-noID | 2.0_r1714 | 0.8_r3058
2015-07 | 7.562____| 7.7__________| 5_______| 18.47_____| 14.58
2015-04 | 8.700____| 7.2__________| 5_______| 21.94_____| 20.16
2015-01 | 8.037____| 5.3__________| 6_______| 22.88_____| 20.69
2014-09 | 5.782____| 4.8__________| 6_______| 20.85_____| 18.50

As we can read from the table:
in Jul-2015 we had about 7.562 Million spots in this months; the other columns show relative value of how many spots are reported with decoder ID. The column pos-noID shows the position of mostly used decoders only for the noID-Decoder.

The noID-Decoder has an increasing use from 4.8 % in Sept-14 to 7.7.% in Jul-15. So the use of the noID-Decoders is still increasing the last months!

There are other decoders, which get their maximum use around jan 2015. -- Well they are still the most important and mostly used decoders! (The r1714 is number 1 all the month during the last year)

If you are using one of the k9an-decoders, please have attention to the suggestions of the author (k9an) how to make a ID-label for his decoder.