The "legality" of WSPR below 14 MHz (?)

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The "legality" of WSPR below 14 MHz (?)


First off, an important question: Is automated WSPR transmissions to be classified as beacon transmissions or not?

The reason I am asking this is that I recently had a discussion with a long time ham and one of the representatives for NRRL.

He said that that IARU does not like beacons at all below 14 MHz. The reason for this discussion was that I want to apply for a special callsign for a 10m beacon. This was no problem for NRRL and I got the needed recommendation from them, but I also need IARU's recommendation which I am waiting for now. But I also mentioned that my 10m beacon could also change frequency automatically and transmit WSPR in between it's normal 10m duties (i.e. I mentioned 30m as an example). My beacon can do this if I want it to.

I was told by that representative that NRRL nor IARU would never ever give their recommendations for "beacons" below 14 MHz, but that 10m was ok. He also said that if the transmissions is automatic, it's per definition a beacon. I agree on that for that is my view too, but I don't agree on that strict policy from NRRL and IARU regarding WSPR below 14 MHz. So it all really boils down to whether a WSPR transmitter really can be classified as a beacon or not.

So if he is right and WSPR indeed must be classified as beacons, then all our WSPR transmissions below 14 Mhz are..not exactly illegal, but at least not recommended by IARU and therefore also not by NRRL.

Any views on this?


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