Question on WSPR Frequencies

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Question on WSPR Frequencies

Hi All,

I'm trying to validate I am on the correct frequency(s) for WSPR. For example, I've been monitoring 10.1387 with WSPR and although I was hearing traffic, WSPR would not decode it. Then I realized it was just regular JT65 (45 sec) xmits and I was able to decode it using JT65-HF and confirmed it was not WSPR traffic but normal JT65 QSO's (CQ'ing & replies, 73's, etc). I've also heard what sounds like RTTY traffic on 10.1387...

Are the frequencies listed on the WSPRnet page (and in the app) the best frequencies to monitor for WSPR traffic or has the WSPR community found a quieter spot on the bands?

JDHood - KW4KC