Is there a better manual for WSPR?

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Is there a better manual for WSPR?


I downloaded the quick start guide to WSPR but there are a lot of things not covered. For example:

1. There are two "sliders" on the left side of my screen that change the screen color when I move them but I can't see that they have any other effect.
2. In the setup menu, I don't understand what some of the parameters mean.
3. In the setup menu, when I turn on the "diagnostics", I can't see what that does.
4. When I set up the receive and transmit audio, it seems that the transmit audio setting changes the receive level and vice versa.

Additionally, there are selectors in the menu to vary the transmit and receive audio but it would be good if there was some form of "level meter" on screen so that we can tell when we have enough, too much, not enough level. I can vary it but I don't know where it should be.

Having said this, let me say that although I am a ham, N5BFB, I don't operate much and at the moment I am without a good ham receiver. I am going to build a WSPR transmitter and for now I am using a Sony ICW-7600G shortwave receiver for WSPR. To show the quality of your program, look at the log. I have received nearly 50 contacts with this setup. I am very impressed.

If there is a more complete manual, it would make my setup even more usable.

Keep up the good work, I am really excited about these modes and am having a ball using your software.


Harley Burton