PTT Control

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PTT Control

i think Joe "JT" monitors this forum.

I have an old rig, so not computer control,
New computer, so no serial output,
So it leave me with VOX to control the PTT,,

BUT my VOX is very un reliable in most digital modes, even more so it dowsn't work at all with WSPR because of the minisciule ( sp?) level of drives used.

Can "JT" ad like N1MM has a Winkeyer capability?

The guy that makes the WinKeyer says it is extyremely easy to add the PTT capablity to almost any program,

Like in N1MM even if I am running CW, RTTY, PSK-31 or even recorded messages in SSB, N1MM knows when it is time to transmit regardless of any mode it sends the WinKey the PTT command and the Win Key operates the PTT on the radioo.

This works awesome you can have any amount of hang time you want even zero if you wish.

"JT" need his ( the winkey guy) contact info so you could add this capability?