DJ0ABR WSPR program

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DJ0ABR WSPR program

Does anyone have contact info for DJ0ABR?

I have his fine program up and running on an Odroid and I really like it. I have it running headless and using VNC on a windows computer. It uses the W9AN decoder.

The docs seem to indicate that the temp files - 2 minute recorded wav file is stored in /wav but in fact it is store in /tmp which is a good thing since this is already a tmpfs. There is no wav directory. So this must have been changed since the docs were written or maybe not updated. My question is that the spots database is stored and updated in the wspr directory which is not a tmpfs and really cannot be. Since this data is also written constantly I was wondering if there was a way to have it go to /tmp.

I was also wondering if there will be any further updates of this program - possibly I/Q input?

Perhaps someone is reading this that is using that program.

73 Doug, WA3DSP