Setup for multiple locations?

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Setup for multiple locations?

I have two different locations where I am or will be transmitting and receiving. I don't want the database to become confused by my operating two transmitters or sending reports from two different locations.

How can I submit my reception reports? Should I create a second login account? Currently I have "wb6cxc", with my primary location being in Washington State. I have a second location in northern California where I will be setting up (probably) a receiver and transmitter. Should I create a second account there as (say) "wb6cxc/6"?

For my new NorCal transmitter, should I have the callsign be "WB6CXC/6"? I'm currently using a RaspberryPi (+10dBm) for the WA state transmitter ("WB6CXC"), and will probably do the same for the NorCal one.