What WSPR source code to use with a Pi

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What WSPR source code to use with a Pi

I recently picked up a Raspberry Pi 2 with the sole purpose of using it as a WSPR node controller. I followed the directions at http://wsprnet.org/drupal/node/5353 but am having a problem.

I start WSPR and it runs properly. It will receive for two minutes as it should but when it attempts to decode the signals the program crashes.
The directions state to use version 3.9 r2840 of the source code which seems quite old. Is there a newer build I should be downloading that will work properly or does anyone have a suggestion or idea on what my problem is?

I want to buy a few more Pis as I have an older 6m and 2m radio in the corner that are more or less junk but will still work great for WSPR.

Please help!