WSJT-X WSPR" Performance

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WSJT-X WSPR" Performance

I ran a comparison between WSPR 2.12 and WSJT-X 1.60 on Top Band yesterday the 27th of December. I used the same audio from one Rx to two seperate PC's and ran 12 hours overnight. There was a very clear difference between the two programs.

1.60 decoded two signals 2Hz apart and 20dB diferent in level, WSPR 2.12 only decoded the stronger signal with 5Hz difference. In some time slots with overlapping signals there was a chalk and cheese difference, 1.60 often decoded twice as many signals, nearly all of the weaker signals being lost with 2.12 when overlaps ocurred.

1.60 also has a higher max SNR, overnight today saw a +20dB signal so the point at wich SNR tops out is higher. SNR's on weak signals was generally about the same, although sometimes 1.60 reports 1,2 or 3 dB higher.

Jan LA3EQ initially got quite different results when he ran both versions on the same machine but saw the improved results when he ran seperate PC's. David G0LRD also ran two PC's and confirmed the superior decode performance of 1.60, he had 23.7% more spots with 1.60 than 2.12 during an 8.5 hour test over several bands.

1.60 also includes sheduled band hopping over four periods- Band changing is like a cross between a pre-selected and auto gearbox (shift), you set the band(s) in advance then it just happens at the right time. One can but hope that this feature will see the end of fluffed band changes that mess up the database but it is a great tool on it's own if you have a CAT radio.

At present it is still early days for new users who are still learning about a big new tool set. Overall it seems that the designers and testers have done a great job in producing a very substantial step in decoding performance whilst giving us all a much easier and feature rich integrated weak signal package over many modes.

Thank you all very very much for such excellent work.

( If you do make the improvement please note the audio setup in the instructions, use 48000(dvd), the settings that worked with other stuff stops 1.60 when decoding)

Cheers to All, what a nice prelude to the new WSPR Year!

Alan G8LCO