WSPR 2.0, Lenovo 100s, IC-7200 issues

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WSPR 2.0, Lenovo 100s, IC-7200 issues

When my ancient Aspire expired finally, I replaced it with a Lenovo "Ideapad" 100s to communicate with my IC-7200. Although WSPR recognizes the usb port, it won't trigger the PTT via CAT. When I attempt to change bands via WSPR, the program freezes. Also, I don't think the IC-7200 is in the rig list. I seem to remember editing some file with the code for the IC-7200, but of course that disappeared with the defunct computer.

Any ideas how to 1) set the correct rig parameters for the IC-7200 and 2) communicate info between WSPR and the IC-7200?