Wrong Decodes on 1.8MHz

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Wrong Decodes on 1.8MHz

Hi All,
I am struggling with a problem regarding the reporting of my spots. It appears I have been reporting spots on 1.8 MHz when in really they are probably on 7MHz. In the hours of darkness I hop between 7,3.5 and 1.8 Mhz.

My set up is WSPR Version 1.6 using CAT control to a FT450D radio. Band changing is controlled by WSPR.

As an example :-

During the early hours of the 15th I reported the following 1.8 MHz spots.

2016-02-15 01:40 AA4ZX 1.838129 -15 3 FM08cv 10 M6VPW IO91dp 5970 49
2016-02-15 01:08 N5CSC 1.838077 -25 1 EL09uj 10 M6VPW IO91dp 7913 41
2016-02-15 01:00 DK3RU 1.838133 -26 0 JO31ws 5 M6VPW IO91dp 660 273
2016-02-15 00:48 NB3XMU 1.838093 -24 0 RI14 0.01 M6VPW IO91dp 14695 347

Clearly the NB3 spot is wrong decode but the other do look likely until I examine their spots in detail. For example AA4ZX I am the only person reporting on 1.8 MHZ . (On 3.5 MHz 14 unique spots on the 15th). So I assume the 1.8 spot is a wrong decode, but the Grid is correct.
For N5CSC similar situation apart from the 80m spots for which there are only 2 spotters. So again I suspect that my 1.8 MHZ spot is false and probably the 3.5MHz one as well.
So based on the above I was thinking that Radio and WSPR could be losing sync on frequency and hence reporting the wrong spots. It must resync again as I have never seen a difference between WSPR and the Radio.
Any ideas or advice here would be much appreciated. In particular any setting information would be appreciated.

Many Thanks