Ratio of: "Heard By" to "Hearing"

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Ratio of: "Heard By" to "Hearing"
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Aloha from AH6GT:

About my station:
I live in Hawaii, which is about 3000 miles from any other place on earth. Generally I am on 30 meters, running 5 watts.

I have been very happy using WSPR for many months. Tthis week, I suddenly realized that the number of stations I am hearing is consistently about 1/6 the number of stations that are hearing me!

I have noticed on the map that some stations have a very high ratio one way or the other, and that some stations are about 1 to 1.

Possible reasons why?
Many stations simply monitor and do not transmit. But how many? Is there a way to find out?

My local power company has some 3-phase high voltage lines running north-south in front of my home. I am using a 52 ft. G5RV Jr mounted about 30 feet over my metal roof. I consistently have a noise floor between 4 and 7 S units on my TS-590S.

Or I need a bigger antenna... don't we all?

Any thoughts?