Changing the frequency readout?

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Changing the frequency readout?

Purpose of change: to reconcile the frequency data displayed in the "activity" on wsprnet and on the wspr-x frequency display.

So, is it possible to modify either:

1) The frequency deviation from the default frequency in wsjt-x? That is, on 20 meters, instead of showing 1475 hz deviation from the default 14.095.600, wsjt-x would show 14.097.075. That would make it easier to change frequency to avoid collision with other operators.


2) Change the data displayed in the "activity" column to the display on wsjt-x app; that is, the column would show 1475 hz to 14.097.075?

I hope I got those numbers correct. See what I mean? I'm hopelessly innumerate.

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