WSPR4 - No Tx/Tune but DigiPan Can?

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WSPR4 - No Tx/Tune but DigiPan Can?

Came back from a trip, started WSPR4 and cannot Tx or Tune via Band Hopping or manual buttons. I ran DigiPan and it will do both. I didn't see any changes to the few settings required to run my Yaesu FT-897D / SigaaLink USB / Win10 system. Am I missing any obvious glitches?

Tx fractio: 20%
Tx Mute: Unchecked

Audio In/Out: USB Audio CODEC
PTT method: DTR
PTT port: none
CAT Enabled: Checked [rig changes bands OK on hopping]
CAT port: COM1
Rig number: 123 Yaesu FT-897
Serial Rate: 38400 [matches COM1 settings in Device Manager]
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 2
Handshake: None