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I need help running the demo program WSPRcode.exe on Windows 10. I am trying to duplicate the algorithm with builds a WSPR message given a call sign, grid square, and power level. I have some documentation which verbally describes the process but it is not detailed enough for me to implement a version of the algorithm in C# running under the .NET platform.

The latest info I have is dated five years ago or more. I tried to go to but evidently this web site does not exist any more.

Is there a place I get the source code for the WSPR utility? Or alternatively, is there a place that has the executable .exe file which will run on Windows 10. The problem I am having with the exe file that I downloaded from is that an initial screen flashes up as soon as I begin the program and then within 100ms the program exits before I have any clue as to what happened.

73 Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City OK