WSPR Archive Sizes

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WSPR Archive Sizes
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Hello All,

Im not sure if this has been brought up in the past or not, so here goes:

I ran some quick tests with a couple of archive tools to try and reduce the size of the WSPR Spot .gz / .zip files. Attached are the results for June-2016 month to date file.

I tested 7z and pixz to compare the raw .gz file from the WSPRnet archives against locally compressed xz / 7z files.

* 7za a -mmt -mx=9 -m0=lzma -ms=on wsprspots-2016-06.csv.7z wsprspots-2016-06.csv
* pixz -t -9 -p 4 wsprspots-2016-06.csv wsprspots-2016-06.csv.xz

The point is, when using either pixz or 7za to compress the raw .csv file, the archive size is roughly ~50% less than the original .gz file. I don't know if your server has those tools ( most do ), but it may be something to consider.

No doubt, there are a number of sites that pull the .gz files, or work with them one way or another, so changing the format may cause a bump in the road, but, xz / 7z files can be extracted on most platforms these days.

It would certainly save on download bandwidth if nothing else.

Just an idea.

Greg, KI7MT