HP Thin Client model T610, no audio to WSPR

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HP Thin Client model T610, no audio to WSPR

I'm trying to use a HP Thin Client model T610 to run WSPR. The T610 has a Win 7 Embedded OS installed.

I have a problem with no audio on the T610. No recording device installed is written. I have from the HP T610 support web-site downloaded and installed audio drivers and other audio software.

But I still have no audio sources shown. On the PC manager the MicroHAM USB III audio shows up when I connect the interface to the USB port, and the manager also shows valid audio devices.

On the WSPR Station Setup is shown audio input device USB III (MicroHAM interface).

On the MicroHAM audio software interface controller is the Audio Tab missing. When testing the PTT from the MicroHAM interface software controller the xcvr is keyed, but no audio.

Can any help me getting audio on the HP T610