WSPR-2 locks up Win10 Lenova Ideapad

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WSPR-2 locks up Win10 Lenova Ideapad

After running about 2 hours:
1) Screen goes dark
2) Computer locks up, requiring cold reboot.
3) Happens if receive only and when when transmitting, too (1/2w)

Settings experimented with on PC:
1) Screen saver off
2) Battery saver off (if on battery)
3) Other processes off (except for default MS processes)
4) Wifi off (no internet access in shack)
5) Battery power and mains power

Settings experimented with on WSPR-2:
1) Different decoding "depth" settings

1) Is the problem WSPR-2? Windows10? Operator error?
2) Is anyone else having this problem?

I know how to run simple MS diagnostics but have no experience with "trouble" logs or things of that nature.