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Hi all

I released a new QRP Labs receiver kit. Price is $25 including plug-in Band Pass Filter kit (available for all bands 160m to 10m). This is a single-band high performance receiver with I-Q output. The I-Q output works very well with WSPR's I-Q mode using a stereo input soundcard. High performance double-balanced Quadrature Sampling Detector, with low noise instrumentation amplifiers, and including a pair of 600:600-ohm audio isolation transformers to prevent ground loops between sound card and radio. Requires 4x receive frequency local oscillator. 80 x 37mm PCB, integrates with other QRP Labs products (U3S, VFO/SigGen, ProgRock). See

For those with a mono-input soundcard (many laptops for example), there is an optional plug-in kit, a polyphase network, price $11. This plugs into the receiver kit (above) and cancels the unwanted sideband, to produce SSB output. It could also be used for standalone receiver use. See

73 Hans G0UPL