New WEB SDR's with WSPR decoder built in

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New WEB SDR's with WSPR decoder built in

Hi All,

I thought that you may be interested to know that a whole new batch of simple Wideband 0-30MHz WEB SDR's are now starting to come on line. They are a bit like a stripped down version of the University of Twente SDR.

This follows the shipping of the first production batch of the Kickstarter funded KiWi SDR project.

This is based on a custom made board which interfaces to a BeagleBone Black and turns it into a wide-band (0-30 MHz) SDR with a multi-user web interface, it also includes a software-defined GPS receiver.

The SDR has limited processing power and so is constrained to only four concurrent connections. However that won't matter too much as there are a lot of other's to choose from at any moment in time.

Now the more interesting bit.

Some of the latest batch to come on-line have built in extensions including an I/Q constellation diagram, Loran C time slot display and finally a WSPR decoder.

More extensions are likely to be added as further development takes place.

A list of active on-line KiWi SDR's can be found here. There are already two up and running in the UK.

Hopefully mine will arrive sometime soon :-)


Martin - G8JNJ