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Feature request for Website

Hello to all,

after using website intensively because I have whispered for some days I have two feature requests regarding website:

1) A checkbox where callsigns used by ballon telemetry are removed.
So usres can decide by themselves if they want to see this calls on the map / on the list or not.

2) A possibility to get the map without loading the whole page. Background: I am working with raspberry pi and 7" touchscreen @800x480. Running such a small resolution it is mandatory that no big banners or regions above or left of map are present. I could place map on top using URL http://www.wsprnet.org/drupal/wsprnet/map#map - but left region containing "who's online" etc. remains. It would be great if map starts upper left edge of browser window so I can use small space optimal...

I am absolutely fan of WSPR now! It is amazing :)

73 de Andreas, DF8OE