Mic audio (Tx) attenuator?

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Mic audio (Tx) attenuator?

Hi All,

Im building yet another digimodes interface box, this time to allow operation using Clansman military radios. To do this I am re-purposing one of the Clansman radio systems control boxes. This has a volume control pot that I can press into service to control level from the radio into the soundcard. But the only other control is a three way switch.

I like the extra control a mic level pot can give, but on my other boxes ive often found its an awkward juggling act to balance the boxes control and the PC soundcards control.

So im thinking of using a fixed attenuator to give me an added level should it be awkard to adjust the soundcard, as it sometime is for very low Tx powers. But I am unsure what dB level to make this fixed attenuator?

What would people advise? Im thinking perhaps 10dB would give a good extra level of control?