uploading jt9 spots ??

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uploading jt9 spots ??

Trying to upload my jt9 spots to wspr, doing it manually with my log file I get this output:


And when I search my callsign under "spots heard by" none from the logfile are in the database.

You can see at the bottom of the pastebin log above it says:

"0 out of 14 spot(s) added"

Why wont it take my spots?

Also, I have this command running every 3 hours in crontab which seems to work, but again when I search the database none of my uploaded spots show up.
curl -F ALL.TXT=@/root/.local/share/'WSJT-X - ICOMM'/ALL.TXT -F call=KM4FSW -F grid=OL62xh http://wsprnet.org/meptspots.php > /dev/null;