WSPR for Linux updated

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WSPR for Linux updated

the new version 3.41 of visualwspr for linux is released.

It uses a faster database, new features to compare the performance of WSPR stations
and supports the very nice site of KB9AMG.
Includes the WSPR decoder by K1JT/K9AN.

We use this software to optimize the setup of our antennas and receivers by comparing
WSPR reports. This detects even the lightest changes in SNR or sensivity.

This version supports PCs (64 bit) running Linux as well as
single board computers like raspberry, odroid (ARM 32 bit)...

It is also available as a 64-bit ARM version which fully supports
the 64 bit Linux running on the Odroid-C2.

good luck, vy73
Kurt and Sepp