Anyone using WSJT-X on Mac Sierra?

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Anyone using WSJT-X on Mac Sierra?
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If you saw my previous string, you saw that I was having strange problems with WSJT-X and my Kenwood TS-590S. After upgrading to Mac Sierra, I began to experience a strange loss of audio at about 1 second intervals. I called Apple and described what was going on. They told me... "3rd party software is not our problem". Apple suggested that perhaps the 3rd party software needs to be updated for Sierra.

Are any of you able to use WSJT-X and fldigi with Sierra?

In the mean time I had discovered that by turning on another piece of 3rd party software (LineIn by Rogue Amoeba) the problem disappeared if I set LineIn's input to "USB Audio CODEC" and output to "Silence Output", then clicked "Play Thru".

This is not a real fix, but at least I am able to use WSJT-X and fldigi again.

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