IO Error, need help.

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IO Error, need help.

Using Kenwood TS-590 through SignaLink from TigerTronics, and Windows 10.
Attempting to use 20M band at 14.0956.
PSK-31 working fine, but Whspr is getting an error when I try to go to 20M band:
"rig_open: error - IO error.
Error attempting to set rig frequency.
rigctl -m 216 -r None -s 4800 data_bits=8 -C stop_bits=2 -C
serial handshake = None F 14095600"

I should note that all meter indicators on the 590 go blank, even though it's in Transmit mode.
It's like it's not really transmitting. (Power set for 5W)

It was working fine last year with the same equipment, except a Menu item may be different on the 590 and I upgraded to Windows 10.

Thanks in advance
Robert AC2MM