WSPR Frequency on 60 m Band

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WSPR Frequency on 60 m Band

Very important question ! In France we are waiting for a favorable decision from the French aministration, perhaps in a few months.

I hope that most of the IARU 1 and other countries may adopt soon the IUT segment 5.351.5 - 5.366.5 At this moment it is not easy to copy all the transmitting stations on the 60 m band, except if you use 5 or 6 receivers, each listening at differents USB dial frequencies. HI !

I think the best choice is a 200 Hz window just below the upper end of the 15 kHz wide band segment. So, the DL1DUZ proposition for 5366,1 kHz – 5366,3 seems a nice choice ! That is 5564.7 USB dial.

73 de Andy