QS2 prefix spots on 20m

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QS2 prefix spots on 20m

I've caught 3 stations on 20m today with a QS2 prefix: QS2NMK, QS2PNK, QS2HXK
I see that I'm not the only one and these are obviously not valid call signs.

UTC dB DT Freq Drift Call Grid dBm Km
1622 -10 -0.3 14.097098 0 QS2NMK GM75 50 1659
1632 -20 -0.3 14.097099 0 QS2PNK GM75 50 1659
1756 -16 -0.3 14.097099 1 QS2HXK GM85 50 1765

I know balloon experimenters have used WSPR with a special encoding format in the past to track their balloons.
Does anyone know if there are any such experiments going on now?

It moved approx. 106 Km in about 84 min.
That works out to about 45 miles per hour. Too fast for any boat. Too slow to be a plane.
I know grid locations are pretty coarse but even if you double or halve the numbers, my assumptions would still be correct.

If I was the only station that spotted it, I would have thought it was noise.

Bob - KE2D