Can't get TS-590S to transmit automatically

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Can't get TS-590S to transmit automatically

I used the older WsprNet program with complete success with all my current equipment and Win 7.
Since changing to Win 10 and upgrading to the much revamped Wspr program, I can receive and send Spot reports, and when I press the Tune button, it activates the radio properly, but when I press Enable TX, nothing happens.
Initially I couldn't get anything to work at all until I stopped selecting the proper radio from the drop down list, which is the Kenwood TS-590S. No combination I found of selections would allow the program to receive or transmit, even with the Tune button.
So I deleted the radio entirely, I may have hit the Reset, I can't remember, restarted the program, and all initially seemed OK except for what I'm mentioned.
My radio configuration is currently this:
Kenwood TS-590S selected on the proper frequency, both radio and program, and a USB connector from the computer to the SignaLink USB soundcard, and, and from the SignaLink into the ACC2 Accessory port on the rear of the Kenwood. Same exact setup I used before, and I have no problems communicating using PSK31.
I followed the online setup procedure as best as I could, but always no automatic Transmit.
I suppose I forgot to check something, as the new program is far more complex than the original.

Any help would be appreciated
Robert AC2MM