New Year, Same Stamping

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New Year, Same Stamping

Does anyone share my annoyance that WSPR, a mode that uses a tiny portion of any given band and that provides everybody with an impartial, objective means of testing propagation and antennas, is constantly stamped upon with impunity by other modes?

RTTY is the most regular culprit. Stamping is treated as though it is of no consequence, even though it will universally be a breach of licence conditions to disturb ongoing transmissions.

I've tried many times to engage the committee dinosaur that is the RSGB in arguing WSPR ought to be sorted out properly, more in line with protected beacon modes (accepting it is not legally constructed as a beacon mode.) This led precisely nowhere, but did attract the laughable suggestion that WSPR users 'should QSY' when interference is encountered.

The most obvious question is: why is there a lack of pressure from WSPR users and their representatives to examine the options for improving the situation?

It seems to me WSPR is a real growth area in amateur activity, and is of profound, fundamental importance to a large cadre of the radio community. It is far too important to simply be left to the embarrassing chaos that you can experience for yourself by tuning in to any WSPR slot.