WSPRnet Website Refresh ?

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WSPRnet Website Refresh ?

Hello all,

I am a newbie to WSPRnet and after a few days intensively testing and fiddling with WSPR I really like this tool but on the other hand I find with the massive amount of data points in the DB, the frontend (website) does not provide enough flexibility to visualize the available data. Are there any plans to refresh the functionality to retrieve and display the data on this website ?
Just a few ideas:

- User selectable timeframe in the Map and DB, start date , start time ,end date, end time
- Map Station Flags containing also SNR, how many times it was heard and distance when a callsign is entered in the Call Field of the Map search
- Search by wildcards in Map, for example entering HB* in the callsign search field returns all stations from HB Land in the map.
- Integrate something like into this website

I am sure there are many other useful cases to visualize the available data points.
I'd be more than happy to make a donation in order to get this going. Unfortunately my programming skillz are not sufficient to offer any help with this.
I am totally clear that this service is run by volunteers with real jobs and limited time to work on this but I definitely think it is worth to optimize the usage of the data which is already in the DB.

Thanks for making this Tool even better in the future !
73's de Roland and a happy new Year to all of you