Weak TX audio after upgrade to V1.7

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Weak TX audio after upgrade to V1.7

I'm very new to WSJT-X and WSPR
Been a HAM since 1977 on and off.
I have been playing with WSJT-X for a few days and have had reasonable success from DX and local station.
Then I found WSJT version 1.7 and the install was perfect on my Linux 17 PC and Laptop.
Receives fine but on TX my audio is very low so no RF out,on tune, to measure on a power-meter.
Enough to operate the VOX.
Without changing anything, audio ports or levels, power out on WSPR 4 is full output, same on fldigi.
Rig is IC-706 i/face RASCAL III basic nothing fancy.
It's pretty obvious it's not the hardware. Fault must be in WSJT software set-up.
I've double and triple checked the set-up but can't figure out what's wrong.
Audio is set for alsa_input.pci-0000_00_14.2.analog-stereo using left channel only works fine on receive.
and alsa_output.pci-0000_00_14.2.analog-stereo using left channel only tried, right and stereo too.

I'm open to be set straight by those more experienced in the mode.
Thanks for reading this and any responses.

Bob vk2byf