WSPR No Longer Decodes...

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WSPR No Longer Decodes...

I downloaded the software for Echolink repeater communications and somehow that crashed my whole computer. After a complete recovery and restoring programs, WSPR would still receive and transmit, but I get no decodes. I scrubbed it down, removing all old references to WSPR from the laptop and reinstalled both WSPR and WSJT and am still seeing absolutely no decodes on WSPR, but have seen a few on WSJT. I have gone through every radio setting and have duplicated the last known setup when WSPR still worked before, but still cannot see any decodes. I do not use AGC, clarifier, split frequency operation (I seldom transmit), I use no PBT, notch or compression settings, no noise blanker or RF gain settings at all. It worked fine before, so maybe the real issue is Windows 10 and the latest update (02/2017). Does anyone else have any words of wisdom regarding this anomaly, or am i just not holding my mouth right?