Band hopping and auto-tune using a TS-570D issue?

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Band hopping and auto-tune using a TS-570D issue?

Hi, I posed this question on the 'Questions and Answers' section of the forum as an addition to an earlier post, but seems no one knows the answer (i.e. lack of replies!) ;)

Using WSJT-X v1.7 with my Kenwood TS-570D (either standalone or via HRD) band hopping works fine, but ticking the 'Tune' boxes in the Schedule for the bands I wish to use doesn't work? I can do this fine via CAT using HRD so perhaps its WSJT-X that doesn't support or recognize the internal antenna tuner in the TS-570D?

I also have one of these LDG AT-100ProII Autotuners which has a 'radio' input, but seems that only works with ICOM and YAESU rigs which I presume can drive an external antenna tuner? So, a fat lot of use that is!

I use a G5RV so of course that needs to be tuned up for the selected bands in the schedule.

Any suggestions or ideas to what this non working AT issue is will be gratefully rx'd ;)

73's John G4STA (/EA8)