First attempt at WSPR decode

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First attempt at WSPR decode

Hello All,

I tried today for the first time to receive and decode WSPR on 20M band using HDSDR with an RTL.SDR with 100Mhz up-converter. For testing i was looping the audio out into the MIC on my laptop where i point WSPR-X. First thing was i receiving in HDSDR any WSPR transmissions ...... not sure so i rigged up my WSPRLite used a different antenna and fired it up, not to good a test as the Tx and RX antennas are crossing each other in the loft but when the WSPR-Lite started transmitting i get a very nice signal at my dial frequency of 0114.094.000 ( i havnt calibrated yet). However the tone is sitting at 2600hz ? where i thought it was meant to be 1500hz. Is this something i need to set the HDSDR up to get correct. WSPR-X didnt decode , i Set HDSDR to Upper Side Band , -40 000 000 offset and the PC is using NTP for a clock. I do see messages in the RTL driver about PLL not locked.