New starter having a few difficulties.

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New starter having a few difficulties.

Hi all,

I'm new to WSPR and digital modes, At present, I only have a radio in my car, Yeasu FT-857D and ATAS-120A antenna. I bought a CAT cable from Amazon, that the seller described as a programming cable. Before purchase, I did ask if it could be used to control the radio and use on digital modes, including WSPR. The seller said it's just a programming cable, but other purchasers said they are using it with HRD and on digital including WSPR, so I decided it's got to be worth a go, especially at a fraction of the price for the CT62 cable and interface.

I've been able to operate the radio with HDR, although not attempted transmitting yet.

Trying it on WSPR, I have read through the forum and checked YouTube in relation to getting started and setting up, the closest I've read to my experiences are on this thread

I'm running WSJT-X v1.7.0 and Windows 10 via a laptop (ASUS X553M) with the factory sound card and a combined mic/headphone jack socket.

I have set the radio up as per the above linked thread ... PSK31-U, 0 offset, CAT etc. My laptop time is set to UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time, not UTC-GMT). I'm decoding OK and generally, the time difference is 0.1s (I get the odd decode where the time difference may be 2.2, but as the rest are 0.1s, I'm assuming it's the transmitting station whose time is out.

When it starts my radio transmitting, the transmit light is coming on on the radio (I've tried changing from CAT on the configuration to PTT and DTR/RTD, but it will only transmit on CAT), For audio, input is Mic (Realtech HDA), output is speakers (Realtech HDA), both on mono. However, I don't seem to be being heard. The radio is on 7.03860 USB.

Now, I accept that with my radio being in my car and parked up at home, there may be physical objects (houses and trees), as well as possible QRM affecting my transmitted signal (although I'm decoding OK), but could I be missing anything?

I've assumed the message is sent via the CAT cable, but should I be running an audio cable between the mic/headphone socket of the laptop to the radio? If I do need an audio cable, will it be better if I use one that carries both speaker and mic (4 segment jack plug both ends)?

I am in the process of sorting out a radio and shack at home, so once set up, I'll have to use the proper interface and cable, as I've not seen any alternative cables for the radio I'm getting, but the PC has separate speaker and mic jack sockets (can't remember what the sound card is, but the tower unit is a Lenovo), this will then become my main WSPR set up.

Many thanks in advance.